"A simple matchstick is nothing but a twig of wood in itself, but strike it and it has the power to burn down a forest. We are but individuals among millions, but when ignited by the Holy Spirit, we carry the potential to begin a Fire in the hearts of men and women that light's nations! "  - Johann vd Hoven

Brother Johann's ministry began in 1991 as an evangelist, in 1992 the Lord called Him to revival ministry. This led to beginning of a prophetic journey wherein he would be developed into a threefold ministry that would operate. This ministry would consist of an apostolic mission, a prophetic ministry and an evangelical mandate. This threefold ministry always operate within Revival ministry, as combined and as individual ministries.




Revival is the quickening of what is Alive in God and His will for us that is to be established within us by the Holy Spirit.


The revival of relationship with Him.

The revival of God's creation purpose for us.

The revival or becoming His Anointed in the earth.




Our mission to bring the body of Christ into the full measure of growth in the REVELATION of Christ that the Father has intended for them to grow into in this current season of time.




Sharing the manifold MYSTERIES of the Father that He is revealing to His chosen out ones in this season and time, that was hidden and undisclosed in times past.


The ministry of speaking by REVELATION and IMPARTATION.


Ministering prophetically into the lives of His people.




Fulfilling the call and the mandate of casting the net of God's Love in bringing those in whom the Father draws to Himself to be restored to His eternal dream for them and to be reconciled to His eternal purpose and plan for their lives, as He had dreamed it for them before the foundations of the earth was ever laid.




Each of these three ministry callings can function individually in Revival ministry.  Or they may all three function together.




Each of these ministry callings have their own Gifts in operation.




The Gift of words of Wisdom

The working of diverse Powers.

The Gift of faith.

The Gift of the working of miracles.

The Gift of healing.




The Gift of Words of Knowledge.

The Gift of discernment.

The Gift of speaking of tongues & the interpretation of tongues.

The Gift of Prophecy.

The Gift of faith.

The Gift of the working of miracles.

The Gift of the working of diverse Powers.

The Gift of healing.





The Gift of faith.

The Gift of healing.

The Gift of the working of miracles.



Acts 29 - The Vision

Revival Impartation

The secret to flowing in the Gifts

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