Understanding God's heart

What makes the experience so different?


What makes Fellowship of the Believers such a unique and different experience for those who are a part of our family of fellowships?


Besides the things already mentioned, such as the fact that we are weaved together as an intimate family where each individual matters and are loved and cared for, and also that each person is developed to grow into all that God envisions them to be, with their individual gifts being discovered and developed to function in becoming a partaker in building God’s Kingdom. There is a core Truth that runs at the heart of Fellowship of the Believers, that is at the center of all we do, and that eventually becomes a living experience and a part of the lives of those who are a part of our family.


Ministry has in our modern day and age become something that is far removed from God’s original intent and what He had in mind. Both those who are in ministry and those being ministered to have for the most part missed God’s grand design and intent in what the experience thereof should be.


Today most of what is done is no more than form and religious tradition, even among those Pentecostal churches proclaiming to be “on fire”, religion has set in, just another kind of a religion, the kind that is not formal and stiff and set in a stuffy, uptight environment, but the kind that is noisy, loud, free and liberated in its form of ‘worship’. Smoke machines, flashing lights, rhythmic sounds and contemporary artists lead thousands in raising their hands to Heaven being swept along in these places of worship.


These kinds of meetings provide a different scene, seemingly to be alive and in the form of their appearance, but in reality as stone dead as any of the stuffy meetings they hope to out do.


Why is that?


Because if you took away the lights, the spectacular light show, the contemporary music and artists and the fake smoke, there will be nothing else left to offer. Quite honestly we would have to admit that there would not be any of those flocking to these meetings left also! They will leave by the droves, seeking the next hip and happening joint to join.


With this in mind, the question is, what really drives Christianity in our day and age? What are people being introduced to? How many would stay and worship in an environment where there is no more than a few plastic chairs, no decorations, ordinary florescent lighting, no worship band and no sound system? What if the people dressed ordinarily and if the meetings sometimes did not even have any music? Who today would join such a place if they heard of it? Who would even go to visit, just to see what it’s about?


You see, we have been for the better part, been able to satisfy people in the soul dimension, to entertain them and to satisfy them with extravagance, but we have failed to satisfy them spiritually and to bring them into a real and meaningful relationship and a Living walk with Christ.


Here’s the thing, when Christ is so real in our midst that we are completely saturated in His Presence and feel the impact of His Power, we need no additional entertainment or entertaining – We have Him, the One Whom it’s all about!


It’s in the absence of His Living Presence where begin to seek for alternative entertainment to keep ourselves from becoming bored in religion void of His Presence.


The thing that caused God to call me away from ministry, to begin and to launch this organic movement, was the fact that people did not truly experience God. They were swept along in emotional extravagance that caused them to confuse what they experienced with the Anointing and the Authentic Presence of Christ.


Just like people go into a emotional frenzy in a rock concert and faint, take their underwear off and throw it on the stage, weep, scream and jump, so too, many today in religious meetings are swept into emotionalism and experiences that makes them feel good, but has no lasting impact in them, and brings no inner change to them in the realm of their persons. They have a great time, and then leave unchanged. They may be on a emotional high for a couple of days before everything comes back to normal, until the next ‘meeting’.


The Lord showed me how empty the ‘church’ experience had become, and how void of His true Presence. People were being deceived in believing what they had was the real thing.


When He commissioned me to put my own ministry aside and to begin establishing these fellowships, it was for the sole reason to bring people into the Living Reality of His Presence, and to introduce them into a deep, intimate life in relationship with Him, where His Living Presence would become a Living reality in the daily experience thereof in their lives every day. It would not only be in the meetings where they would experience Him, but His Living Presence would become every bit as real and alive in them, as they became carriers of His Glory within them.


From the outset of our meetings, we ignored music all together (not because anything was wrong with music or worship, but) to teach people that God could be experienced in ways they have never encountered, without anything except His Presence being Alive in their midst, We ignored the form that most meetings had taken on, and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead meetings from beginning to end. More and more people came free from religious form, and more and more of the reality of God Himself became a part of their experience. People began to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God, not only by the Revelation of the Spirit in the Word, but in their personal encounters with God Himself.


The core value and Truth that runs through these fellowships is to lead every individual into the place where they may share and experience a unique and Living relationship with Christ, and where their lives are daily impacted in such a walk with God, as they are being led by His Holy Spirit.


Relationship, in the Reality of knowing, encountering and the experience of a Living God in the Living Presence of His Spirit, presently Present in their lives, is what Fellowship of the Believers is all about.


This intimacy is groomed through the ministry of Spirit-inspired Word, the Living Presence of Christ in our meetings, and in leading people into a life of total surrender to the be led and guided by the Holy Spirit.


Our meetings are organic in nature – We teach that Christ leads, and we follow where He leads and as He leads. Out of this organic worship we also produce a people of the Spirit, who are guided by the Spirit and who are taught to allow Him to govern and to order their lives in His predestined plan and will for every one of them.


To become the Spirit-led people who Jesus describes as being moved by the Winds of Heaven. Those who are completely given to be guided along the will of the Father and who have learned to soar on the Winds of His Spirit, as they are carried along in His purpose and His plan.


This sets Fellowship of the Believers apart from anything ordinary that is being presented as ‘church’ today.


Yes, the meetings are unusual and different to anything you are likely to find, or may even be used to. But then so are the results and the fruit of these meetings in the lives of those who are willing to commit themselves fully unto the Lord to be taught in His Ways and to be guided and led of His Spirit.


We are completely focused on Christ, and on seeking His will for our lives. Therefore we do not cater for the flesh or the things that stimulate soul dimension. We seek Him and His reality. In doing so people are changed in the most amazing ways and encounter the reality of God and of His Living Presence in everyday life. It becomes “joy unspeakable and full of Glory”, as we are filled with all of His Being and change because of it!


Fellowship of the Believers should be for everyone, sadly the reality is, that it is not, not because it is an exclusive ‘spiritual club’ for the super ‘spiritual’, but because it a real place without any plastic! It offers Christ in the reality of His Person, Power and Presence and the dimension of His Spirit-Word, and nothing more. This sadly falls short for those who seek to be entertained, rather than to be transformed!


So who are we for?


We are for everyone who seeks to know God for Who He really is and who are prepared to be changed as He reveals more of Himself in them, so that they may become all He Is, just as He intended them to be!