This ministry has been earmarked by a Powerful demonstration of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit since 1991. Healing, miracles, signs and wonders, as well as deliverance and the working of diverse Power is strongly evident in his meetings and have become synonymous with his ministry.


The operation of the Gifts of the Spirit began manifesting in his meetings in 1991 after experiencing a unique encounter with God that left him forever changed. After this event he went preaching and on the conclusion of his message a woman raised her hand asking if she could say something, he allowed her and to his surprise she testified to being healed when he preached the Word. Several others then raised their hands with the same testimonies. During the past, most 30 years in ministry, thousands have been healed, saved and delivered through ministry, both in South Africa, as well as abroad, with many testifying to the miracle working Power of God being experienced in their lives. A great many of these events have been captured on video and in photographs, a number of which are displayed on the Internet.


Below there as a few examples of these events captured on video, for more videos such as these follow the Youtube link at the bottom.

For many years people have asked me how they too could access the flow of the Gifts of the Spirit in their own ministries. I never truly knew what to tell them, as there was nothing specific that I did in order to see the operation of these Gifts in my ministry. Today I can tell anyone with full assurance that the Gifts are not ours to own or to take possession of, but that they are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that they function as the Spirit wills to operate them through us and when He so has a need to do so. Many people claim the Gifts to themselves, this however is never true. When we are faithful in our service to God we become no more than stewards of those things which belongs to Him exclusively.


The greatest secret of my ministry was that I never sought one! I sought Him! I wanted nothing more than to walk with Him in an intimate love-walk and I sowed my live in service to Him to use me wherever, however and whenever He would have need of me. The rest is history, for a period of nine years the Lord used me Mightily in evangelism and also prepared me for a season of revival that would come. Nine went by where He chose to use me in a different avenue altogether. Then nine years of all-out revival followed as we traveled in the Cape provinces, ministered abroad and concluded our season of revival in Pretoria, Gauteng.


What is the secret to being in God's season and to be used in line with His will - surrender!


Not seeking anything of Him that you desire, but following the prompting of His Spirit within you to be available for what he desires to accomplish in and through you in the various seasons of your life. Many men and women of God press on in a particular season of ministry long after the Lord has moved on in their lives. They cling to the known, rather than to flow with Him into new seasons and thereby growing in their own spiritual man as they do. The secret is to move with the Lord as He leads you into new season and to grow into them as you do.


The past three years has been such a season of transition for myself, where the Lord led me away from the revival crusade scene into a new apostolic and prophetic season to impart and minister to His people, leading them to discover the deeper life in Christ.


In 2017 I was led to launch Fellowship of the Believers in Brits, North West Province. I invested 9 months of intense teaching into the flagship fellowship. Today there are numerous fellowships that has come about from this initial group spread over North West and Gauteng, and they continue to grow.


Today we are following a Vision which the Lord shared with me in 2014. The Acts 29 Vision is a new era of church as we know it wherein He is leading His people into an era of knowing Him in Person as never before. An era where the body of Christ will be equipped for the last days and where ordinary people will become the body in whom an extraordinary God will be expressed to the world.


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Acts 29 - The Vision

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The secret to flowing in the Gifts

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