What's the difference between worshiping as a part of a Spirit led fellowship, as opposed to being a  member of a formalized religious institution?


Towards the end of 2016 the Holy Spirit gave my wife a prophetic dream, at the time she did not realize what the dream meant or that it was prophetic in nature, she just thought of it as strange and came to tell me about the unusual dream she had. When she told me the dream, the Holy Spirit immediately began to speak to me and to share the interpretation of the dream with me.


She dreamed of a very large established tree. The tree was beautiful and extended into the skies. We began to climb up into the tree to enjoy its beauty and to see how it would look from the top of its majestic branches. But as we began ascending the tree we became aware of the fact that a troop of monkeys was occupying its branches, and they were defalcating the tree from the top of its branches. The higher we climbed into the tree, the more feces were coming down from the top, until we released that we could not climb any higher without getting soiled ourselves, and so we climbed out of the tree again.


As we reached the bottom there was a smaller another tree that had grown next to the tree we had just climbed out of. It was a smaller tree, but it was clean and had no monkey in its branches. The Lord then spoke and said, "You can climb into this tree without being soiled, its branches are clean".


My wife then woke from her dream.


As she told me of her dream, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the planting of a New Tree. The LORD said,


"The existing tree known as My "church" has grown into a large and well-rooted tree, and it has stood firm for many centuries, but it has become defiled by the influences of religion that has been allowed to occupy its branches.


My children can no longer climb up into this tree without themselves being soiled and polluted by the religious influences that have come to pollute My tree. These religious influences will keep them from truly coming to know Me, and will deform their view and understanding of Who I really Am.


I want you to become instrumental in being used of Me to plant a New Tree that will be pure and undefiled by human ideas, rituals and the religious traditions of men.


I want its branches to reflect My Life and nothing more. I want it to be a planting of My Own Hand, a place where My children will find refuge in its branches."


Fellowship of the Believers was a vehicle to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to become that New Tree and planting of the Lord in the lives of those who truly seek to know Him and to grow in the purity of an undefiled knowledge of Him and a passionate Love-walk in a relationship with Him.


As you scroll down you will find several schematics sharing the Vision of the planting of God's New Tree, as He inspired it into our hearts to share with others.


To learn more about this Vision, visit our video library on the RESOURCES page, where you will find some videos about this Vision.