The question is really not - “What can I do for God”, but rather it is, “What does God want to do through me!”. There is unique destiny for a singular purpose created within each of us. Our responsibility is never to be busy “for God” or to find something to do for His Kingdom. Our responsibility is to discover His purpose for our lives in earth and to become the effective instruments He has created us to be to fulfill our unique task and journey in His Kingdom on this earth.


Ministry can never be ascribed to a specific function, such as preaching. True ministry is best defined as “being in service to God”. When we are in ministry, we are called to be available for Him to use us as He pleases, and to be at His disposal whenever He needs to accomplish a task through us. Ministry therefore can be anything really. It solely depends upon God will in applying our lives in His Kingdom and how and where He has called us to serve Him. Ministry can therefore even be working a regular job, or running a business, should that be how and where the Father chooses to use you. Ministry may also include many things at different times of our lives. We may experience different seasons in ministry where we are exposed to different environments and missions too accomplish. It is not important where you are or what you are doing, what is imperative is that you are positioned and aligned with God’s will where you and in what you are doing! You are called as His servant, in service of Him. You should therefore serve Him where, how and in whatever circumstances He chooses for you to do so, until He changes your mission. This positions every born-again child of God to be in “ministry” and in service. It is absolutely possible to obey God and to do whatever He asks you to do “as unto the Lord, and not for men”. It is possible to serve a Heavenly Vision while functioning in an ordinary daily task, and to be ecstatically happy in doing so, knowing that what you are doing is what He wants you to do. That you are perfectly positioned and aligned with His will, and that you are not doing what you are doing because of any other reason that making Him smile, and thus, doing it with all your heart!


Confused religious men, void of understanding God’s deeper purpose with us all, have confused the matter of ministry, confining it to a pulpit, or serving in some spiritual office.


True ministry is walking in God’s will and being fulfilled in doing so, no matter what you do. You are a living part of His body and He has things He wants to accomplish through you that will cause you to be deeply satisfied and joyful when you follow Him in pursuing them. Ministry is far greater than mere spiritual service as many have come to believe! Sadly many who are currently in ministry, ask the question - “What does God want me to do?”, without knowing that they are already doing it!


- Johann van der Hoven