The apostolic is not a ministry, rather it is a commission to carry that which has been received from God into virgin territory where it has never been experienced and established before!


To be apostolic in ministry requires that an individual will be matured and developed in his or her walk with God, but also in the individual ministry, or ministries, that they have been equipped with and called to function in. The apostolic in itself bears no ministry, but is the authorizing or the Authority of God that is placed upon a man who has been called to establish something new within the hearts of people, that has never previously been known.


Apostles build the Kingdom, not buildings. Their mission and co-mission is to build the Kingdom and its principles into the hearts and lives of men, not to conquer territory on earth. An apostle may or may not establish a church or churches, what is certain is that he will carry fresh Revelation from the Lord that he will establish and build into the hearts of his hearers. He will be a man with a Heavenly Inspired Vision to expand the Kingdom, both in size, dimension, but also in depth, in the hearts of men. He will be a man that will seek to draw men ever closer and deeper into the Heart of the Father, and will be instrumental to reveal the deep things concerning God's heart with those whom he will keep closely under his wing to instruct and to disciple.


An authentic apostle will be someone to whom the maturing of God's people is essentially important, and he will spend a great deal of his life and his ministry towards facilitating this one quest - to see those in whom the Spirit of the Father has been born, growing and maturing into the full Stature of Christ, as Christ is formed in them. He will spend a great deal of time teaching the deeper life in Christ and leading others there. His ministry will predominately be about sowing the Life-Seed of God into the lives of others to see them growing deeper into Revelation and Union with the Father.


Where does the term "apostle" originally originate from?


You will be surprised to know that it was not a word that originated out of Christianity, but that it was in fact adopted by the early Christians and the early church because of its profound meaning and because it was a word that was commonly known and used during the time period of the first church.


The word "apostle" was in fact first used by the Romans to describe their conquests into capturing virgin territory to be colonized by Rome. The term was later also adopted by the Greeks who also used it for the same purpose.


The word "apostle" was used in terms of a ship, its captain, its crew and its mission as "sent ones" to establish a Roman colony where none existed before. It was called an "apostolic" mission. Because of its meaning, the first church and its pioneers could think of no better word to use to explain their Heavenly mission on earth, to an audience who had already become accustomed to the word and its meaning.


They too were on a mission, they also were "sent ones", not sent by the authority of Rome, but under Authority of God Himself to go and establish the Kingdom of God in the virgin territory of the hearts of men all over the known world!


Today we falter at the meaning of the word, and ignorantly connect it to men, rather than to the mission they should carry! Today it serves as a rank to those who wish to lord over others, instead of being descriptive of a co-mission to be accomplished, where everyone involved will become apostolic! Today it is about the man - back then it was about the mission and the man was no more than a messenger under the Authority of Another, sent to accomplish a Heavenly impartation in the hearts of others, that was poured into his own heart! Today it is about one man - back then it was about all men becoming all God intended for them to be! Today the apostle wants to be the keeper of something unique - back then the apostle was someone being poured out like a drink offering into others - depositing and emptying himself and pouring everything into others that God had poured into his own life, so they may become the fruit of His Seed deposited in the apostle ("sent one").


The apostolic speaks of a man that has been ordained to commission a special missionary task that he has been appointed for, and that has been formed and matured within himself in order to become the bearer of a Living Revelation to be delivered to the church of Jesus Christ on earth. Apostles are “sent ones”, or “special messengers”, bearing within themselves a new and fresh Revelation of the Father to be imparted into the hearts of His children on earth.


Apostles are men in whom God’s Word has been formed and matured, but more so, in whom He has been able to form everything necessary for that Word to be delivered in the Power of His experienced reality, long before they deliver it to others!


- Johann van der Hoven


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