Why a Fellowship?  Why Me?

Home fellowships was how the church originally gathered in the beginning. It was never about gathering in buildings, or about any of what man has made it to become in what today is portrayed as being "church". God's original church was all about people and their fellowship with Him and with another. The original church gathered together to harmoniously worship and hear from God and to break bread together, from house to house. There was a lot of compassion and love and unity among them.


A lot of the true essence of these wonders have been lost in the modern day settings called churches, where everything is rolled out in programs and where strangers gather to enjoy entertaining services, before returning to their own individual lives again.


Fellowship of the Believers is a Vision by which God is restoring His people to the original purpose and authentic mission of being the true body of Christ on earth. In essence it is a private journey, collectively shared by individuals, rediscovering the true meaning of what it is to be the body of Christ on earth.




The meetings and gatherings are firstly Christ-centered, free from any formal programs, where the total focus is on Christ and on worshiping Him. FOB leaders who lead these meetings have been schooled in how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead through them, how to become co-workers with the Lord in order for them to become invisible, so that Christ in all of His Glory may be see, heard and experienced. These meetings revolve around the working of the Holy Spirit and not around any man or individual. They are there for God's people to experience and to be filled with His Presence.




Fob fellowships are there for those who have a specific desire to grow into new dimensions of Glory with the Lord. It is not the place anyone would feel comfortable who is simply looking for a comfortable set up where they can attend weekly. These fellowships are for those needy to grow and ready to be changed and fashioned by the Lord in whatever way He deems necessary for them to be changed. It is a place of being formed. A place where you arrive empty of personal opinion, and ready to receive Divine Impartation.




There are very few of us that can claim that we have not been religiously influenced in one way or another. We were born and grew up in religion, how could we not be influenced by it? At FOB religious mindsets and traditions, and its teachings are challenged as people are led into the freedom of truly coming to know Jesus in the beauty of all He is. It is therefore important to know that FOB and what you will learn there will be a million miles away from what is being taught in most churches, and may challenge and directly challenge a lot you may have learned from these religious institutions. Be willing and ready to learn what you have never known, or seen in the ways you will come to understand by Inspired Revelation, and be willing to let go of the old, in order to embrace the new!




Having laid these foundations, let us now answer the original question asked at the beginning. Why new fellowships? Because there is a desperate need for them! People are hungry and desperate for a authentic experience with God, and for proper Word that is Inspired from the Throne to nourish them. Many are starved for Living Word, seeking to hear and grow as new and Fresh Revelation comes to free them from religious thinking and understanding. People want the Truth and the true authentic experience of being transformed by the Life of God's Word!




Large fellowship groups consists of around a hundred people, while most average between five and twenty people. Considering that there are thousands of people where we live, we can never have enough fellowships to ever exceed the need.




The short answer to this question is simply because you are needed! If you yourself are hungry and thirsty for a deeper and more satisfying walk with the Lord, then you must surely recognize the need around you also! God seeks willing individuals who will open their hearts and their homes Him and who would simply allow Him to come and do the rest. Will you be such a person who will make room for the Holy Spirit to both come and fill your life with His Presence and fresh Word, and make your home available for others to come to be filled and blessed by His Presence also?

What is the objective?

So what is the objective of FOB fellowships? Is it merely a replacement for organized church in a more informal setting? Not at all! As was mentioned earlier, it is a place to change, but more than that it is also a place to be equipped for service.


The objective of FOB is to minister too and to equip those who are a part of each fellowship to be able to be sent to establish their own fellowships in due course. in order for them to be able to help others in need of the Lord also.


Every individual in a fellowship is seen with the potential of being developed to have a fellowship of their own once fully equipped to do so. If there are ten in fellowship, the potential is there for ten more fellowships to be established through them!


The objective is to have a continual flow of people coming into our fellowships to be reached with transforming Truth, taught and equipped and then to be sent to go and to become instruments through whom God can change their world.




When we first began with the fellowships, the Lord gave us a year's reformational teachings, beginning from laying the right foundations, to being able to equip those who became a part of the FOB family, that causes a deep working of the Holy Spirit in them, and prepared them to be in service of God after that year.  We use the same pattern for all new fellowships that are being established, sharing these same Truths with them, and equipping them for their work of service. All new groups are supported with the essential teachings and support to help them to grow throughout their first year, after which time those in the fellowship are all released to either begin fellowships of their own, or to join one of the new fellowships in a ministry of helps (whether in fivefold ministry, or in service in some other way), if they do not feel that they are called to have a fellowship of their own.




Well let me first say that the "model" is God's and not our own, and therefore it successful just from that point of view alone! It is also not a new model, it is the original model!


To answer the question more directly - yes, we have seen great fruit in following God's intended plan. The original FOB fellowship produced seven other fellowships that are currently operating all over North West province and Gauteng. Another FOB group has been established in the Cape Province and currently has eleven FOB groups and counting.




Each fellowship functions independently, forming part of the greater FOB family of fellowships, which lends leadership and support to the various leaders of these fellowships. FOB as a family is a part of Kingdom Missions South Africa and submits to the authority of Africa Apostolic Movement.




Since the need of each fellowship is different, based upon its unique demographic, community and challenges, we encourage leaders to allow the Holy Spirit to impart the principle Truths of the Holy Spirit, while allowing the Spirit to work and to flow organically (unhindered and unrestrained). It is essential that the Lord will be allowed to work out His will and purpose in people's lives in addressing them on the level of their need. We therefore strongly encourage and promote organic meetings to be non-organized, yielded to the flow of the Holy Spirit and directed at His will.

Practical Problems & other Challenges

It is quite normal to expect that every fellowship, from time to time, will face it's own unique set of problems and challenges to overcome. There may be all sorts of things that may happen. An opportunist may join the fellowship, spotting the opportunity to "take charge", or hoping to gain a close enough position to the leadership that they at the end may run the group through their influence on leadership.


Fortunately we have seen and experienced most of the problems that face new fellowships and are always available to provide help, assistance and advise, where needed. FOB provides each fellowship with a line of leadership, from those who are directly leading the fellowships, to those who released them to form a fellowship, all the way up to the Visionary and missionary leaders themselves. We are always available to help and to provide practical Word-based solutions to any unresolved issues.

Where do I begin?

Firstly by making contact with us, and allowing us to meet you, either in person, by phone, email, or via Skype. We would love to talk to you and to share more in-depth with regards to the FOB Vision and family, than it is possible to do on this website.


Secondly by taking the matter to prayer to receive confirmation from God that this is what He wants you to do.


Finally to dedicate yourself and your home to God's service.


Lastly - to get very excited about the prospect of becoming instrumental in God's new season of restoring His body on earth!

Contact us at -  fob@kingdommissions.co.za