This book covers a walk with God that is not dependent upon people, not governed by religion, and not manipulated by religious leaders.


It is a book that will cause every believer to release a sigh of freedom and relief as the yokes of religious bondage are broken. The spells of false doctrine demolished, the projected curses of embittered leaders nullified, and the guilt of having walked away out of bondage, released from their lives! It describes "prophetic living" for the believer as living in step with the Holy Spirit. It will open a whole new dimension of HOLY SPIRIT LIVING that will cause your soul to rise and to rejoice in the liberty of celebrating your King and the only possessor of your soul!


The main focus of the book is aimed at the lives of ordinary believers.


The latter part of the book speak specifically to modern day prophets or "revivalists", sharing their unique life-journey and the challenges they face in being authentic to the core in living a life separated to serve their destiny and calling. This is shared from personal experience over the past 29 years and covers every area, including how their personal relationships are affected and how to work through challenges in their marriage relationships.


- Johann van der Hoven

Prophets minister "God” -  They bring  God on the scene  -  They authenticate His  Person  by  demonstration  of  His Presence. They speak forth as He gives Utterance. They act as He moves. They are the living expression of His Life. They are the Wind - felt. They are the visible expression of the invisible God -THIS IS A PROPHET.


Prophets are so more than what we have come to understand! Their service to God far exceed their service to people. Their mission far exceeds merely presenting the Word of the Lord, they are called to stir up a prophetic people, to raise a generation by the Impartation of the Holy Spirit, to walk in the realms of Spirit Revelation and to know God beyond the veiled teaching of religious understanding. Prophets are called to impart into others what they receive from God, to equip and raise up a people after the heart of God!


This exciting new book leads God's people on a journey of discovery for the new Wonders of His Spirit to be unveiled in them!


- Johann van der Hoven

"Is what we have come to know and understand about the apostles and their ministry, truly relevant, and true? Or did God have something far more significant in mind with this pioneering missionary ministry? Are there perhaps ancient secrets that have never been shared, or that has been kept obscured from the knowledge of our present generation?


What if I told you that there are LIFE-CHANGING Truths that have been lost from the earliest of times concerning the apostles and their ministry, and that what we have come to understand about them and their ministry, is only a fraction of what their ministry was truly all about?


Take a journey with me in this book, and rediscover the ancient truths about the original apostles,  their lives, ministry and calling, and how it was destined to be applied in the modern day ministry of the apostles of this day and age."

This book carries a relevant and powerful message and a high degree of Apostolic Reformational Truth. I highly recommend it as a source of inspiration for those seeking the deeper life with Christ — who hunger to grow into the depths of God's Spirit. I am sure you will discover the Holy Spirit speaking to you through this book and breathing fresh revelation into your spirit.


Don't rush through it, but allow the book to go through you! It is a book filled with God's Life and the Life of the True Author of this book is “felt” on every page.


- Neels Prinsloo (Neels Prinsloo Word Ministries)


There are secrets that have been lost. There is a Real and an Authentic Revelation of God that has to be re-discovered in order for Him to be made known in the earth in this hour. This book shares some of the most critical things we have lost, and still stand to loose, and calls us back to the place of walking in the Light, as He is in the Light.


It is a book written to “open the eyes” of those who seek to know Him in the Power of His Spirit, and in the Living Manifestation of His Being. Revival has to come, not through ONE MAN or ONE WOMAN –


But in every pulpit and in every pew throughout the land! God's Vision is to set the nations ablaze, to demonstrate His Power in every life and in every church, through every pastor and servant!


- Johann van der Hoven