"One small strike of a match in the natural can begin a devastating forest fire. History records that in the Spirit, one burning soul, aflame with God's Spirit, can ignite the nations! Trust the Holy Spirit to use you as His matchstick to ignite His Fire across nations! "  - Johann vd Hoven



In 2017 the Holy Spirit led me to the province of North West. I was invited by a good friend of mine to come and stay with him while working in the province. He invited me to do some tent meetings with their ministry "Evangelists for Africa". I did a few meetings with them, but however felt at the time that the Lord was still busy in unfolding the new season He had called me into and that I had to withdraw from tent meetings until such a time as He would release me to be involved.


In September of 2019 I again was invited by my same friend to minister in one of their tent outreaches, I strongly felt that the Holy Spirit nudged me to accept. When I took the microphone that first night, I knew that the Holy Spirit had released me to flow in my original calling as I knew it, once again!


In addition something extraordinary took place, that evening a burning passion for Africa and it's people was born into my heart and I knew that the Lord was calling me to a far broader Vision and ministry field than I had previously known. My heart was now for Africa and it's people - "Aflame with the Holy Spirit!"


At present I am working together with Evangelists for Africa as a partner in harvesting souls and seeing the bound being freed. In addition to that we are also working independently in reaching communities.


Africa Aflame Vision 2020 & Beyond, extends past the hosting of evangelical outreaches, it is a Vision of seeing the complete holistic restoration of the individual, from coming to salvation, being delivered, healed and restored, to being discipled into living the Spirit-filled and Spirit led life.


Meetings are currently conducted from North West Province across Southern Africa.


- Johann van der Hoven

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