"Soon the dawn of the morning of God's New Glory will settle within the hearts of people, as

they come to see in the Spirit that nothing of the past can ever compare with the present.

What has been, can never live in the Power of what IS - GOD IS!"  - Johann vd Hoven

Welcome to Acts 29 Visionary mission


Open your Bible and look for Acts chapter 29 and you will not find it!




It is not meant to be there !


Why not?


Because this Vision is not historic in nature - It is a right now, present work of God by His Spirit, from Heaven to earth! It is ACTS 29, the present unfolding of God's heart on earth among and within His people - the next chapter from a Book that was never intended to have a final chapter - the next chapter of the work of the Holy Spirit on earth in our day and time, recorded not in pen and ink, but by being engraved in the lives of those walking in the obedience to His heart. Who will become His living testament, written from Heaven to earth, as the Father and His will is given expression both in them, as well as through them at this time.


When the Holy Spirit first spoke these words into my heart I immediately assumed that He was calling for a return to the Acts 2, to the first works that was known and done by the early apostles and the early Ekklesia of the Lord (the church made up of people as members of the body of Christ on earth). As time went on the Holy Spirit clarified what He is communicating to our hearts through this Vision and name - He was not pointing us back, but forward! He is calling on us to come and to take our place at this time and to allow Him to position us in becoming His expression in the earth, as those did who went before us. To allow Him to come and to accomplish that which He has destined and willed to be known, seen and expressed of Himself among our generation who now dwell upon the earth at this time.


Will it be the same kind of visitation which was known in the early chapters of the Book of Acts? We do not know, it may or it may not be, that is irrespective, what is certain is that He wants to do a unique and fresh work on earth in 2019, 2020 and beyond and that He is seeking for sons and daughters who will be found faithful, in whom and through whom this may be accomplished, just as those were faithful who went before us in their respective times upon the earth.


This is the ACTS 29 Vision, a vision of being God's body in whom He may dwell and through whom He will be seen, felt and experienced to the extent that He has predestined and willed it to be in our time.


Within the scope of this Vision, the Holy Spirit is equipping His people, from the inside out, to become that Living expression in the earth through them at this time.




The Acts 29 Vision is a national network and movement of the Holy Spirit whereby men and women are mobilised and empowered to become vessels through whom the Holy Spirit can touch their communities and through who’s lives people

can come to experience the reality of Christ within themselves.


It is a Vision where true disciples of Jesus will become the instruments of the Holy Spirit whereby other disciples can be raised up by His Power working in and through them, to grow in intimacy and fellowship in relationship with Christ.


Within this peculiar movement of the Holy Spirit that He calls Acts29 we have the privilege of His Spirit dealing with us in five distinctive ways –


- The Apostolic which draws us up.

- The Prophetic which opens us up.

- Teaching that builds us up.

- The evangelical which fixes us up.

- And the pastoral that keeps us up -


Until He brings us all to maturity, to the full measure of the stature of Christ. These ministries are freely shared and are freely

available to the body of Christ and to each one who longs to grow into a deeper walk with the

Lord. We are ever mindful not to teach doctrines (the ideas of men drawn from their interpretation of Scripture based upon human logic void of Divine Inspiration).


We are called by the Holy Spirit to minister Spiritual Truth - Inspired, relevant and liberating. We therefore also do not argue against ideas or doctrines, whether those doctrines want to free men from having to be Christlike or imprison men to be bound by religion, to obey external laws or commandments void of the Holy Spirit and His leading.


The mandate I have received from the Lord is –




In desiring to obey the Lord in this, we are embracing Holy Spirit filled prophetic encounters (home groups, combined home groups, regional gatherings, national gatherings and conferences, men’s meetings, etc.) by means of:


- Prophetic Word

- Prophetic / Apostolic Teaching (Revelation) - Prophetic Worship

- Prophetic /Apostolic Power

- Prophetic Encounter


We teach all men how to live, move and walk in Christ.


For it is Christ – Now – Today – Alive – Who leads us in all Truth.


This is the Message we are called to bring to those who will receive what the SPIRIT is saying!




For more information or to become a part of this new movement of God in South Africa, contact Johann van der Hoven on 0662121071 or at johanngvdhoven@gmail.com

"The Vision"

"By Who's Authority?"


"God's Great & Grand Idea!"

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