Welcome to Fellowship of the Believers

"After serving in authentic revival ministry for fifteen years in South Africa, the Lord spoke to me in 2015 to step aside from doing mass crusades and to focus on teaching His people how to access and live in the the realm of Spirit-life on a daily basis.


Fellowship of the Believers was launched in 2017 as a growing family of small and intimate fellowship groups across South Africa, where people from everywhere, and irrespective of the affiliation to a church or organization, could come together during the week for the sole purpose of discovering and growing into the deeper Life with Christ.


FOB fellowships are not church related or affiliated, but serves purely as a non-religious and un-churched community of believers, who gather informally and who are joined together by their love for Christ and their desire to grown more intimately with Him, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them organically in fresh Revelation and the encounter of His Person and Power." - Johann van der Hoven




Johann, who leads FOB as Visionary, has been in service of God for the past 28 years. He has extensive ministry experience, having served in all of the five fold ministry functions, during his time in ministry. He serves in the ministry of apostolic teaching and impartation, and the prophetic for the past three years.


Johann's entire focus for ministry has always been to see people coming to know God in an ever increasing Revelation that would cause them to live and walk in a relationship that grows in daily intimacy with Him. He has followed this Vision, ignited and embedded in his heart by the Holy Spirit for the last 28 years. Johann is known for not making himself known. He seeks to allow others to discover Christ in his meetings and to fall head and heels in love with Him. His ministry carries a deep Revelation, combined with the authentic Presence of God experienced by those who attend.

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