Johann van der Hoven has been in service of the Lord since 1990 and has hosted numerous mass revival meetings in South Africa and abroad. He is a published author of a number of popular books and the visionary of Fellowship of the Believers.


He hosts "Eagle-Food" Apostolic & Prophetic Seminars, and currently pioneers "Deeper Life" Revival School International from South Africa, where he resides.


Ps Johann authored his first published book in 2013 and has since written and published several other popular books. He continues to write as an ongoing extension of his ministry, publishing around two books a year.


He writes by Inspiration and the book topics generally revolves around growing into  the deeper life with Christ. His books are known for the rich content they carry in Revelation.


Ps Johann approach is both prophetic as well as apostolic in his writing, with the emphasis being on transformation through Impartation, as each of his books speaks to the heart of his specific audience.


Ps Johann is also a dynamic and well known servant of the Lord in South Africa, who has served the Lord in a wide field of ministry gifts and functions since 1990.


He has specifically served in the ministry of revival for 18 years.


He currently serves as visionary overseer of FELLOWSHIP OF THE BELIEVERS, among other Kingdom missions.